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Legacy Wellness

We are thrilled to invite our valued patients to become part of an exclusive group within our practice through a special membership offering. This new model is designed to enhance your healthcare experience, providing more personalized and accessible care. As a token of appreciation for your continued trust in us, we're offering this membership at a special rate, exclusively to our existing patients.

For ages 65 or older.

$1,250/year OR $125/month • Registration fee $99

Annual Exam With Lab Review

A comprehensive physical check-up and detailed analysis of laboratory tests to assess overall health, identify issues, and discuss preventive care strategies.

1 Urgent Care/Next Day Visit (30 minutes)

Prompt medical attention for sudden or severe conditions, providing quick assessment and treatment to address immediate health concerns within 24 hours.

Portal/Spruce Access for Communications

Our secure platform for patient-provider communications, enabling efficient message exchanges, appointment scheduling, and health information management for enhanced care coordination.

10% Off Other Services and Supplements

Receive a 10% discount on other services and supplements, enhancing your healthcare experience with cost-effective options for additional treatments and nutritional support products.

3 Wellness Visits (30 Minutes)

Focus on maintaining health through preventive care, lifestyle advice, and routine check-ups to monitor and promote overall well-being.

Telemedicine Access

Consult your care team remotely via digital platforms, offering convenient, immediate medical advice and care from the comfort of their own home.

25% Off Discount on Additional Visits

Enjoy a 25% Off Discount on Additional Visits, offering substantial savings on further medical consultations to ensure continued health monitoring and care beyond initial appointments.

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