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A diagnosis of cancer is perhaps one of the most dreaded medical events a person may encounter. We understand how frightening and confusing this can be and are here to help. Our doctors work with patients with cancer in a variety of ways, nutritional counseling being a top priority, as well as utilizing integrative cancer therapies. We work with patients who are undergoing standard or insulin-potentiated chemotherapy and/or radiation and those who have chosen not to use conventional oncology treatments.

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We offer a wide variety of advanced nutritional intravenous (IV) therapies to meet the exceptionally high nutritional demands of a patient who has cancer. While undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation, these demands change and often increase even further. Intestinal absorption can be limited by a number of factors including medication side effects, lack of appetite or nausea, radiation to the abdomen or surgical scars. When this happens, intravenous administration may be the best way to meet the body’s need for nutrition.

We also have advanced testing options available that may detect cancerous changes earlier than conventional testing.

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