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Become a part of our growing community and join our practice. 

or call 928- 379-6400
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Become an Innate Patient

Thank you for your interest to become an Innate Wellness patient. We look forward to building a positive and lasting relationship with you. We practice Naturopathic Medicine, which requires more responsibility and motivation on the part the patient to make healthy choices and to invest more of your time and resources into regaining and maintaining your health, rather than just avoiding or alleviating the symptoms of disease.

Upon making that first phone call to our office, you will be pleased to hear that your initial visit with one of our doctors will be one to one and a half hours long. We feel this amount of time is necessary in order to fully evaluate your main concern(s) and your health history and to complete any necessary examinations and ordering of labs and imaging prior to developing a treatment plan with you. We ask that you bring along either a detailed list of your current medications and supplements (including strength, dosage and how frequently you take them) or just bring the bottles along.

As a patient of Innate Wellness and Medical Center, you will be required to create a patient account on Power2Patient, the patient management system we use in our practice. You will receive instructions from us for how to register your account before your first appointment with us.

What can you expect from Innate Wellness ?

At Innate Wellness we will give you the kind of healthcare experience you deserve —

one designed to provide better healthcare for an even better you. 

How do we help you
make your decision?

You might be ready to sign up. You might have several more questions.

No worries, our team is here for you every step of the way.


Here’s how we help:

  • Answer your questions about Innate Wellness Direct Care Program and explain how it could benefit you and your family.

  • Determine if additional family members should be added to your plan, or explain how to do that in the future.

  • Help you choose the right doctor for you based upon your goals and concerns

  • Talk through your health goals to determine if our plan could support  you  to achieve your goals.

  • Confirm the total cost of your plan  and set up you payment (monthly or annually).

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