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  • Traditional Prolotherapy focuses on the healing of ligaments and joints. Neural Prolotherapy treats neurogenic inflammation by considering the subcutaneous nerves as a source of pathology. Neurogenic inflammation and pain can be the result of subcutaneous nerves in a pathologic state.

How Does It Work?

Injections of a sugar (dextrose) solution with sterile water just under the skin, close to damaged or inflamed nerves, will provide immediate pain relief and control for a period of time following the treatment. The dextrose stimulates regeneration and repair of injured tissue.

Neurogenic inflammation can worsen over time, so treating the original injury as soon as possible will likely result in fewer treatments for complete healing.

What Can I Expect?

Patients receiving Neural Prolotherapy can expect to have complete relief of pain following a treatment, then have improvement in the level of pain as it returns. The expectation is that with each subsequent treatment the pain level will decrease as it returns, until enough treatments have been received so that the pain no longer returns and the patient is living completely free of pain. Sometimes a patient may not experience a decrease in pain from one treatment to the next, but usually he will see a decline as treatments continue. This experience is not an indicator of the ineffectiveness of Neural Prolotherapy.

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