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  • PLAQUEX® is a safe intravenous treatment to remove plaque deposits from the arteries, including the carotid arteries (the two large vessels that carry blood to the brain). It has been studied for over 50 years and has been shown to improve lipid (cholesterol) panels, reduce arterial plaques and clean the liver. PLAQUEX® can improve blood flow to the brain, heart, kidneys and extremities.

  • PLAQUEX® is regarded as a very safe treatment with minimal side effects. Your physician will likely recommend dietary modifications, lifestyle changes and daily supplements to treat the underlying condition that caused the build-up of plaque in the first place. You may also be tested for heavy metals, as these can be part of the plaque composition and will need to be removed from the body in a different way, called chelation therapy (click here for more information about chelation).

  • Before administering this service, you will be evaluated by our physician to determine whether or not you are eligible for PLAQUEX® treatments. This evaluation may include a health history, physical exam, blood work and/or an imaging service (i.e. an ultrasound of the major blood vessels). You can expect a series of twenty to forty-five treatments, depending on the severity of your condition.

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